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Race Evaluation

28th Annual Billygoat Run:


1. Route.Thought momentarily about going left, instead followed zillions of people up the hillside. Already exhausted. Might have been a good idea to warm up? Interesting that no one in sight ahead as I came into the control, all the faster people were already far gone.
2. With Kristin & Mikell (start of a long journey), Ernst, Clint, various others.
4. Went to the left #4, thought it looked just slightly better, and easier to find, just left of the stone wall. With Kristin and Clint.
5. Joined back up with Mikell, Ernst, David Onkst, a couple of cadets. Looked like a day I might do very little orienteering by myself.
6. Trying to keep up with Kristin going up the hill (she was running a little stronger all day), leaving Clint behind.
7. By now I'd decided to skip 25, after considering 10 and 12.
8. Caught up to Samantha.
9. +00:30Now with (at the back of the pack) Samantha, Kristin, Mikell, Ernst, Alan Young, a couple others. Blew the control, too low, so simple....
10. Just hanging on.
11. Just hanging on.
12. Others were going a little left, thought they might be skipping, but they weren't. With Kristin.
13. Had John Goodwin punch just in front of me.
14. Follwed him, see, 14 was at his house and I figured he'd know the way. Also Greg Ahlswede and mabye a couple of cadets around. In and out of the aid station pretty quickly.
15. Someplace we'd been joined by Pavlina, I think, saw her here, but not again. Also, this was the last I saw of the boys (John and Greg) or the cadets. Did they stop for more serious refreshments?
16. Having a tough time running through some junky stuff, got to 16 well at the tail of the line, and after I punched, the group was almost out of site.
17. Picked it up as best I could, had to get back in contact. By 17 I was closer.
18. By halfway to 18 I was back in contact. Very slow into the control, no one for sure how far to go.
19. Daniel Schaublin joined us, but he'd already skipped. So now we were 7 -- Kristin, Samantha, Daniel, Ernst, Mikell, and Alan.
20. Up the hill, east of the top, others were going more to the west. Rejoined and with Samantha and Mikell at the control, the others just behind.
21. +01:45Took off down the hill, making very good time, just in the wrong direction. Others behind me spotted the control, Mikell and I sailed down about 3 contours too low. Really stupid. Was I thinking I could get away? Idiot, at least I should have been looking over my shoulder to see what the others were doing.
22. Mikell recovered quicker than I dd, so was 50 meters ahead. Slowly caught up to him, got the control first at good speed.
23. Slow coming up out of 22, but again good speed going down to 23, nailed it too.
24. Slow again coming up, but not so bad, good speed down the trail, saw Daniel just turning off down the slope ahead of us. Dropped down, saw Ernst and Ted at the control. All three of them turned left to go to 25. Couldn't figure out why Ernst did that (he said he forgot about skipping one until he was on his way to the last control, so he skipped it).
25. Skip
26. Headed down the hill and there was Kristin just 30 or 40 yards ahead, so we caught back up on her. But she was still moving well, and I wasn't going to catch her, though Mikell did.
F. Wans't going to catch the two in front, no one behind.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:15

Split Analysis

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