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Race Evaluation

28th Annual Billygoat Run:


1. Slogging uphill on the straight line, more or less, but apparently drifting up to the left, as I came out near the pond at the trail jct above #23. With Paul Bennett and behind Peggy, angling down past the yellow patch to the stone wall and down to the control.
2. Behind Peggy and Paul, checking off the stone wall fragments and in good contact.
3. Stayed left of the stream, losing contact with Peggy, and eventually with Paul, although I could see him from time to time. Cristina Luis also passed me here and got away. Footing was pretty bad on left side of stream; found myself wishing I'd taken the road. Dean S and Jim H were in the vicinity as I got to the control.
4. I headed pretty much N aiming for the saddle trail, and they were lower and I didn't see them. Alone going over the saddle on the trail. Took the trail over the saddle and down the other side past the bend E and the curve N. When it curved W again, crossed to the lower trail and crossed the stream at the stonewalls. On compass uphill, checking off the walls. Caught up to Dean, Jim and Sam Levitin.
5. Over the top and straight to it.
6. Straight, checking off stonewalls, and looking for flag near end of wall on top. Steve Tarry showed up from the left.
7. With the group. HIt the trail S of the cairns area, and followed it N a bit, then across the broad spur on compass, Dean in the lead.
8. Group split up - Dean and I are right of the marsh, the others left. Had some trouble counting marshes and slow in here, but got there.
9. Following Steve to the trail, and then down to road and across, behind Dean and Steve at control.
10. Along the field edge to the place where it cuts right. Aimed for the small path and caught Steve, who was ahead but went for the woods.
11. On compass, seemed to take a long time. Still behind Steve, with Dean off to the right.
12. On the line to the trail, then around on the trail to the right for a while before cutting in. Had gone a bit too far, and Steve got the right line and got away. Picked up Paul Bennett, who was looking for Peggy.
13. On compass. A little slow, and behind Dean.
14. Following Dean around the left side of house
15. Including 48s of scarfing orange slices. Steve T was there, but left well before me and was out of sight. Down the driveway with Paul, Sam and Dean. Off trail at corner of road, trail to stone wall and on compass. Tired and lagging behind.
16. Got confused in this area again, trying to run off corner of large marsh, but got off one marsh to the right and ended up near #8. Saw Ellen S. just before that, looking for 8. So now we knew where we were, but Paul in the lead and too high. Finally got to right level, Sam there first.
17. Halfway there ran into Jim H, who got lost looking for 16. He decided to skip and hung with us. To the trail and down the right side of stream, Paul in the lead.
18. To the trail and then S a ways. Paul and then Dean cut off earlier. Finally cut off trail and across big reentrant - really a bit too late as had to make a gingerly descent of a pretty gnarly cliff. Behind Jim and Sam. Dean showed up on the right. Caught up at the control, and saw Paul up ahead leaving.
19. Chasing Paul pretty hard through the logged area and on. Finally caught up to him on the downhill before the stone wall and stream. Jim and Sam caught up and we all crossed stream and first trail and picked up upper trail. Right on trail a bit then straight in. Love those charcoal platforms. I was in the lead.
20. Up or around. Up looked good because of the easier attack, so slogged on up. We could hear Dean down below, who had dropped off the back with cramps. Up to the top with Paul, looking for the big boulder S of the summit, then down on compass. Picked up Susie DeWitt enroute, who was alone. A couple of other runners in the vicinity. Still in the lead.
21. Downhill on compass, but drifted right and stopped short on some other rocks, so fell behind and lost some time.
22. Behind Paul, with Susie right with me. Angle across stream and looking for trail. To the stone wall then cut the corner. I wanted to go down, but they stayed a few lines higher and I was sucked up with them. Finally we saw Scott Turner running across our path and back to the NE, which improved our map reading and we corrected.
23. Up or around? I went over the top, the others contoured. Past the bare rock and the boulder on top of the spur (with a control on the bare rock), then down on what I thought was the right line, but drifted left, and was a few seconds behind the others after I corrected.
24. Scott and Paul ahead. They contoured, but I climbed right up to the trail and started running down. Picked up Scott and then Paul, but led down the hill, past the cairn and the knoll, then straight in on compass.
25. Skip. Paul called out to me to ask if I was skipping, and then did the same (as did Scott and Susie, I think).
26. Got caught up in lots o' barberry, so Paul was catching up, but still got there ahead of him. Probably stayed too high.
F. Moving along, but just barely.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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