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Race Evaluation

Pre-Billygoat Sprints: Sprint #1 (Yellow)


1. Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Did not like map
Bad map reading
I got confused by the dark green on the map that wasn't in the terrain, and ended up drifting too high up the hillside.
2. Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Bad map reading
I didn't pay enough attention to the terrain as I was attacking, and ended up too high.
3. Straight in.
4. Stayed high on the hillside, following the rock wall and attacked in as it started to bend down the hill.
5. Basically followed the line down the hill to the trail and attacked in off the hillside.
6. Straight out to the trail junction and up the trail. Cut off as it bent right. Followed the hillside around to the rock wall and into the control.
F. Out to the field and full speed down the hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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