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Race Evaluation

: West Point Sprint (Team fundraiser)


1. Halfway to control before I found the start triangle and C1 - luckily earlier starters made it obvious which way to go (often in a flamboyant manner).
2. +00:10Aimed for gap in green, but got impatient, cut for the open land too early and got tangled briefly, then overran control when I didn't see water until I had passed it.
3. Climb demonstrated that my legs were indeed worn out from this morning.
4. +00:20Missed right - bad idea, since that added a couple of contours.
5. Straight.
6. +00:40Ran confidently - right to C7 - oops, things come up more quickly on the sprint map.
7. Hard to blow a 40m leg when you've just been at the control.
8. Spotted cliff pretty quickly.
9. +00:20Left uphill - with the quick set of legs, I did not have an exit plan for this control.
10. Straight thru the medium green, not noticing the fence on the map, until I saw it - verified it was not mapped uncrossable, hopped it and headed for the gate on the other side (for easier jumping), then noticed it was open a crack.
11. +00:05Cut down too early - had to go around the bump of water.
12. Below the first 2 buildings, between the next 2.
13. Straight, watching buildings.
14. Went right of first building, so had to zig-zag a bit.
15. +00:20Started left, ran under one of the buildings, but took too much time walking with the map.
16. +00:10Went too far left on the way past the start - shouldn't have, since I had walked that way to/from my car a few times that day. Got the status against Nate's time as I passed the start - sounded like I had him, unless I made a big error. And I had already seen people punch 17&18.
17. +00:05Ended up going right of the bottom building, but knew I had to run off the corner of the huge building.
18. Straight across.
F. Nothing left for a big kick. Luckily, Nate did not push me into the water as the crowd was strongly encouraging.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:10

Split Analysis

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