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Race Evaluation

: West Point Sprint (Team fundraiser)


1. OK
2. +01:00Confused and headed W on road, before figuring it out and running downhill to get stuck in nasty multiflora rose. Then got confused by prominent spur in clearing, not adequately mapped, and got past the control and had to look back.
3. Just slow uphill
4. Straight
5. Straight. Didn't see pipeline, but saw boulder in reentrant and road coming up, so knew I had to go right.
6. Just slow going uphill. Stopped to study map about 10 meters short of control. Darn.
7. Easy
8. Easy, around to left, because I read the clue. Saw several people coming up from below who had obviously gone around the wrong side.
9. Straight. Down to the road was probably better.
10. Around on road to the right. Fast enough.
11. Rick DeWitt gaining on me and almost catching up.
12. Angling up between buildings, while Rick stayed low. He was there just before me.
13. Stayed straight, while Rick dropped to road, and picked up 5 seconds.
14. Drifted a bit right, instead of left along the road. Still a small lead on Rick.
15. +00:40Missed seeing this control and headed for 16. By the time I figured it out I was by it and had to be careful going back to figure out where I was.
16. Slow. Around from N, which probably cost several seconds, too.
17. Easy.
18. Should have just run, but stopped to check the map.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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