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Race Evaluation

US Short and Long Championships: Red Y 2


1. Ran through start triangle, although heading S immediately looks better.
2. +03:30Took direct path, but somehow miscounted big reentrants and arrived sooner than expected, and compounded my error by refusing to acknowledge that the trail I crossed on either side of large spur was the mapped trail. Crossed steep reentrant beyond flag and started steep climb before I came to my senses. Then had to run both directions on trail before hitting flag.
3. Trail run then up reentrant past trash heap.
4. +07:00Worst leg of entire calendar year. Started left of line along southernmost trails aiming for power line cut. Quickly realized that there was a lot of needless up and down, but felt I was too far committed to change. Rationalized that approach would be easier ultimately, but then cut off trail too early and wound up too high on slope in marshy reentrant I still can't identify on the map. Had to bail out W to stream before attacking again.
5. +00:45Tried to run leg a compass, but again failed, drifting to R.
6. Diagonally down slope to depression-strewn bottom of hillside. Checked out control from other course before hitting water-stop.
7. Again on compass. No good plan of attack, but saw flag from a long way off.
8. +02:30Cut diagonally to power line arriving at top of steep descent. Trail run cutting obvious corner below curved cliffs. Attacked from building, but drifted too far R (again) and missed stone wall. Found water stop on cliff to NE, then contoured roughly to control. Still never saw the stone wall.
9. Back past water stop (enjoying a second unscheduled drink) and then on compass picking up southern cliff and stone wall intersection before correcting N to correct cliff
10. Finally a decent leg. Downhill picking up small stream to bend in road, then followed mercifully flatter trails before heading up hill through multiple pits and paired cliffs. Nailed control.
11. Contoured slightly around top of hill.
12. Ran northern trail as I had yesterday, and again nailed control after fighting through some young pines on the W side of broader knoll N of control.
13. +02:00Oops. Made 90 degree error leaving control and hit NS trail rather than EW trail. Had planned to cut through marsh, but descent appeared too steep, so started running trail to L (past aid station from different course). Suddenly noticed road visible below me and check compass. Retreated sheepishly past aid station again, then crossed bridge and ran E of marsh before picking up trails again. At least I recognized correct cliff after crossing tiny stream.
14. Along trail, then cut up through broader reentrant to pick up SW trail to road. Not sure if there is a real advantage one way or the other, but road run gave me a chance to plan rest of routes.
15. Retraced steps confidently. Stopped for much needed water.
16. Road, then cut through open area on very convenient beaten path. Around spur, between marshes, then up diagonally to follow stream. Not much energy left here.
17. A little higher than intended, hitting small pond dead center before going around to N. Joined pack of runners heading down trail.
F. Have just enough to keep Tim Good from catching me at end.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:45

Split Analysis

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