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Race Evaluation

US Short and Long Championships: Red Y 2


1. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Didn't have a good route to this control and just drifted down the hill from the road. Misread the trail beyond the control as a stream.
2. Did not like map
Ran the muddy trails as I thought the woods were choppy. Saw Peter going the opposite way. Something funky about the map near the control. I'm guessing the spur was actually 2 spurs with a less pronounced reentrent between them. Lost time going down and up the first spur before deciding to move further E and ran right onto the control
3. Drifted a bit right but caught myself. Nice junk pile.
4. Hesitated
Saw the 2 route choices and decided on right to protect my knee and avoid some climb. After leaving the start triangle area I stayed too high and got very tentative. Eventually saw the reentrent bend to my right a realized I was too high. Dropped to the right contour and saw Paul R leaving the control vacinity
6. Did not plan ahead
Again, no real great plan. Looked for good running to the left of the beeline and eventually drifted down to the flat area near the shooting range. Just followed the flat area until I came to the control. Paul saw me and picked up speed to stay in front on me
7. Saw Paul at the control as I left the road. Man this stuff is nasty
8. Did not follow plan
Knew I didn't want to go through the nasty fissure stuff, but for some reason passed by the first trail and went down the reentrent just past the ride. Trail run the rest of the way. Look back and Paul is behind me. He tells me Dave W is just behind him. Great. My knee's been aching for a while now and I won't be able to move away from them.
9. Not thinking clearly
Drift too far right despite the fact JJ was visable going to the same control
10. Don't see anything other than the trail route left of the beeline. Paul's with me and a glance behind shows Dave closing in. Still a bit tired and achy. Paul leads up the hill and the control is right in fromt of us
11. Paul finds a faster route to the aid station.
12. Bad compass work
Trail to trail bend. It's a bit thicker than I expected and I end up 20 meters right of the control.
13. Bad route choice
Took the around the swamp route and Dave pops out of the swamp in front of us. He's ahead, but for some reason he crosses the trail and starts up the reentrent before the control. Paul and I pass him on the trail and go to the control
14. Bad map reading
Two choices. Decide on road and tell Paul and Dave I'm going that way. They decide to stay with me. On the road drop back and think about where I coukd drop them. Decide I'm being too serious about the event and will just work it in. Knee feels better. Past #15. Slight mistake puts me left of the control and Paul goes ahead.
15. No brainer. Stop to drink and Paul's away ahead
16. See Paul heading straight and decide to go left down the road. If he goes right I might get some separation. Follow elephant track through open area and see Paul following Will H back onto my path. Leave field and slowly climb hill using reentrent as handrail. At control look back and see Dave right behind us.
17. Decide to just steadily run it in Both Dave and Paul pull slightly ahead.
F. Paul provided comic relief by starting to leave the go control in the wrong direction. I just wander in without any great effort.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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