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Race Evaluation

NEOC Spring Rock Festival and Intercollegiates: Green X


1. path to wall, to smaller path to big bldr
2. st, by big bldrs, by hi pt & down & up onto spur
3. st, eyes open
4. st thru dk grn, onto saddle, & compass thru lt grn, & st & woods open & knoll
5. st, no problem
6. a bit L of S to path, & at bend/rise into woods to wall
7. st
8. st, April grn not daunting vis wise
9. st again, short
10. still st, walls for positioning, then stream/marsh
11. pretty long compass thru white woods, alot of care at power line/paths jct, finally big path, R turn, over stream, next small path jct for AP
12. st, got a bit L, saw a rk face & figured it out
13. st compass, was to R & looked left, 10" loss
14. st thru grn, left at end
15. st to path, see water, up thru VB to feature
16. over to path
F. skedaddle in - A minus run! 1st all grn X - less than 1' errors

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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