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Race Evaluation

NEOC Spring Rock Festival and Intercollegiates: Red Day 1


1. A little hesitation going over the ridge.
2. +00:20Checked out the control which I didn't think was mine. It wasn't.
3. +00:10Went left of the green, then swung around almost to #11 (i.e. too far left) but found the road easily.
4. +00:10I think the hilltop was further north than it appeared on the map. Was kind of slow through the marsh/stony ground area.
5. left the trail before it headed up the ridge, went straight to the stone wall and in.
7. Went a bit left of the line unintentionally, but corrected quickly.
8. +00:20Went right through the marsh. Yeah, that was dumb.
11. +01:00Went left of the line until I hit the marsh, then crossed over the end of the marsh, over the road, and hit a control on a stone wall (!?!). Didn't see my control anywhere, so I went back up to the road, made sure I knew where I was (quickly realized that there was a stone wall on the map, after all) and went straight to the control
12. +00:30Yeah, another dumb route choice through a marsh. Should have gone between; went through the northern marsh.
13. Took the trail through the green. Crossed at the dam.
14. Right of the line out of the green, hit the control dead on.
15. +00:10Took the trail. It was maybe 10 seconds slower? I guess my split analysis suggests it was much slower than that, but I think going through the marsh would have been slow, too.
17. Moguls!

Total Time Lost - 00:02:40

Split Analysis

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