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Race Evaluation

HVO - Spook Swamp: Red


1. +00:30Climb uphill, somewhat slow after running around at Junior Camp yesterday. Go straight, no compass, hit the control right on.
2. Around the hill, over flat area, drop clean into control.
3. Through swamp, along cliffs to boulder. Slow on the wet rocks.
4. +00:30Wow, barberry bushes at a mature stage. Turn around once, because I imagine already pulling the twenty thorns out, I decide not to push through the bushes. Pass through green on trail, drop to control.
5. Uphill, spongy legs, good passage through barberry field.
6. Over the top of the hill, past the basketball court.
7. Run on top of hill on the trail, drop right to the mine shaft.
8. Down on trail, cross power line, contours below green to control.
9. Downhill, still very slippery, so I am cautious.
10. +00:30Long run along hill side and across yellow hill. Staying somewhat lower might have been better.
11. Down to road, pull into road which almost leads to control.
12. Cross the parking lot diagonally, go up west of cliff, around on the trail to avoid the scratchy barberry bushes.
13. Straight down to field, then dotted green area , almost on line. Study the next route choice.
14. Go down to road. If I had more strength left, I would go over the hill, probably that is faster. But the road is better for my tired legs.
15. Along hill, pass above cliff and run down reentrant. (This way would have been also a way to get to number 14, but I didn't see it then)
16. Run.
17. Run and run.
F. Run and finish. A good run, somewhat exhausted from running so much. Some route choices make me think. Since it was wet and slippery, I usually took the trail route if possible.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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