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Race Evaluation

OOC B-meet - Stony Swamp South: Long Advanced


2. This a straight overland run as the swamps were dry.
3. This was another straight run.
4. This was trail run only yet I lost two places on the leg.
5. ...again NW overland
6. I drifted right, maybe 150m, off the map and lost 3 placings.
7. I used the trails (so I thot) but ended up 100m left of control losing 2 more placings and that's how the race ended up.
8. I tried overland early but I should have stayed on trails as far as possible. I ended up 80m left of control and followed big furry coyote following other runner.
9. This was essentially a trail run S, stuck with other runner but continued S, joining Richard (on short course) W through final open lands.
10. Woke up SI units confirming a strong leg along dead fence and then NNW through veryfastforest/openlands but was about 50m left of control.
11. Nearly an hour into the race my thinking was fuzzy. I started straight overland before correcting to much faster trail choices.
12. I ran half the leg on Robertson Road.
14. I was about 50m right by the time I finished long leg.
16. Nearing sprint speed I overshot this one by 70m attempting to cheat off other runner who was heading deep into map to find toilet privacy...ooops.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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