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Race Evaluation

US Night & Relay Champs: Red


1. +00:15I started by crossing the hills rather than risk it being slow going around. I pulled up short of #1, not being all the way at the bottom of the reentrant.
2. Dog-legging back toward #2, I climbed high at first, then dropped in the reentrant. I was hesitant at the end.
3. +05:00I had planned to use the trail but with green woods ahead, I drifted toward the lighted buildings to the left of straight. I then went wide left to get to the road and wide right to use the trails and avoid the green woods. I eventually left from a trail bend, going up a reentrant but I somehow missed the control and got past it a ways. I believe my light went out once during this leg but I got the cable for it reconnected okay.
4. I went straightish through the field. Once there I thought it was a mistake not to use the trails again. Extracting myself onto the trail near a lone tree, I then did use trails to get past the worst of the green vegetation. Another orienteer that I was catching, got there just before me.
5. +01:10I'd gotten across a reentrant and ahead of the other orienteer before my headlamp cable disconnected again. Getting to the road, I cut right, the left to run on what looked like it'd be a flatish but white wooded forest spur. It was rather green. My focus was not good and I lost contact with the map. I made more than one saving correction after making complete stops and remembering how I'd gotten there. I was rather happy to find the control where I thought it'd be but I had been slow.
6. This was an easy physical leg for me. I went straight over to spike it and regain some confidence.
7. I went basically straight at it.
8. +01:10I went straight again and was about to spike it when my light cable disconnected again, one ridge before the control.
9. +01:00I went fairly straight but came down a reenrant to a larger one before the last climb to attack from. The larger reentrant was longer across than expected. I started doubting my position so I left my bearing trying to follow contours to the left. I saw what later turned out to be orienteers near #10 and realized it was a big reentrant. I corrected back to the control.
10. +00:10I went straightish and only missed being low by a little bit.
11. I used the trail to get the a bend and attacked from there. I had drifted a bit but found it w/o too much trouble.
12. +04:00I went somewhat around the first ridge, then used the flatter part of the next to curve left to right. I didn't cut back to the right enough and eventually found myself in the fields before the road. At the road, I cut left and came-in on a powerline ride. It was better than expected. I was hesitant getting to the control and had gotten a bit low to the right before finding it. My lighting disconnected 2-3 times on this leg. Each time I stopped to reconnect.
13. +04:30I went down the right side of the large reentrant. As I got caught-up in the unmapped green, I kept climbing. In some of the worst of it, my headlamp cut out again and this time I wasn't able to reconnect the cable. I used a small 3 LED backup light that barely lit the groud at my feet. I couldn't read the map but walked to the road. I saw someone punching a control to my left, off a trail so I did too. Later, I got a better look at the map and realized that my GO control was off the parking lot.
F. A slowish finish run but I'd been out for almost 90 minutes, was tired and hungry.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:15

Split Analysis

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