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Race Evaluation

MNOC - Mille Lacs Kathio State Park: Minnegoat Long

Space Monkey

1. fast start to 1cp,tried to set a pace and maybe gain some distance
2. fast route choice,I'm really surprise I got fastest split on this one.
3. hurt me knee really bad by hitting a log,slow down a lot,run out of gas.
4. ok run
5. weird leg! took western trail (have not seen eastern trail,I think its better route).Anyway,got confused on a trail! find myself,but could not keep right direction in a wood. definitively lost my confident :(
6. on a way to 6 I knew that fastest runners already ahead of me
7. slow run to 7 w youngest canadian kid,got on trail just meters west from junction,got super confused :( check my gps track :( got 7 after Jim Mullin! p.s. I was looking for 7 w Reid Nelson,his split 16m :) :) :)
8. run w Jim to 8,cursing and embarrassed :(
9. ok run,low morale :(
10. ok
11. ok
12. no prob
13. no prob
14. was really surprise to find out that I'm still 4th for full minnegoat (Kevin finished),long pit stop (restroom visit). fresh start to w a new map
15. I was pretty tired and slow,so my plan was to go straight and save some distance,but after tower i stay 2 much east,so i took a road/trail. what was actually ok
16. Straight!
17. ok
18. no prob
19. ok
20. no issues
21. took a dirt bath,get stinky
22. long leg! slow but steady! ripped off my pants :( got kinda upset :(
23. ok run
24. no prob
25. skip
26. easy trail run
27. last leg
F. slow finish,waiving to spectators :)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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