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Race Evaluation

MNOC - Mille Lacs Kathio State Park: Minnegoat Long


1. On the trail up the hill, back down and across the marsh. Andrei started pretty fast, I was in 2nd behind him.
2. +01:45To the right of the line, running between the two marshes after leaving the road. Andrei ran along the trail when we reached it. I ran down in the forest and I think most who were behind did the same. Didn't pay enough attention and stayed down in the depression too long. Came up to the trail and realized I didn't know where I was, so just decided to attack off the sharp bend, which I arrived at shortly. However, I was farther south than I expected and was at the bend 200 m south. Didn't think the marshes looked quite right when I left the trail, and was confused until I spotted some planks across the one marsh and realized that was where the small trail crossed. Corrected quickly from there, with a brief stop to confirm that another control on the hill to the south wasn't #2. Maybe others followed me the wrong way, as it turned out I had only dropped to 4th place.
3. Saw Mikell ahead and caught up to him, as well as Kevin, so figured I probably wasn't doing too badly after messing up #2.
4. Got a bit ahead of Mikell and Kevin, taking 2nd place behind Andrei. Saw him in the distance leaving #4 as I approached.
5. Went to the right, heading to the trail then coming in from the south. Didn't know at the time, but I took lead as Andrei made a mistake. Mikell was still close behind... he had taken a different route and I saw him near the control.
6. Noticed that I was turning the unit on, so was pretty sure I was leading, and seemed to be pulling away from Mikell.
7. Lost track of the ridges and depressions midway through the way, but was maintain good direction and was fine.
9. Up the valley, cut between the two smaller marshes (wasn't sure the gap between the one smaller marsh and the bigger one would be easily passable), along the north side of the ridge and between the bigger marshes.
11. Along the edge of the marsh, across the trail and south of the big depression. A little uncertain trying to interpret the contours atop the hill near the control, didn't matter as I was heading straight to it and the control was pretty visible.
12. Went left around the green between the road and trail.
14. Along the road after the map exchange, then in along the ridge.
15. +01:00Meant to go more-or-less straight. Drifted to the right early on, which was fine. Now intended to run along the west edge of the big marsh after crossing the road. Drifted even farther to the right after crossing the road and almost came back out to the road! Ran back and around the southwest end of the marsh (after quickly abandoning an attempt to cut across), fine from there.
16. +00:40Left of the line and to the small trail for some reason. Got mixed up in the ridges and marshes approaching the control... was one ridge too far left. Correctly quickly. Mikell came into the control just behind me... my mistakes were enough to erase the gap I had been slowly building since #5.
17. I went right around the big marsh. Mikell went left and was came into the control just behind me again.
18. Went too far to the south after attacking from the trail junction, but realized this before it cost me more than a few seconds. Mikell still right behind.
19. Fast run along the ridge, started to get a bit of a gap.
20. Around the north side of the chain of marshes, angled to the trail, along the trail for a bit, in along the ridges and marsh edges. Didn't see Mikell behind, so figured I had a decent gap now.
21. Pretty much straight, including crossing the one marsh in the middle of the leg.
22. Skip.
23. +00:30Had decided on #9 for my skip. Would've also been good to decide on a route from 8 to 10. Without a plan, ended up being sloppy and hesitant in places... probably could've been at least 0:30 faster.
24. Ran to the pond/marsh, intended to cross so long as it didn't look too bad. Looked better than I expected so I did cross. Got into about two feet of muck at one spot.
25. +00:45Started out planning to stay to the left of the line, but lost track of where I was on the trail north of the first marsh. Followed the trail to obvious hill 100 m west of #5 and went more-or-less straight from there.
27. +00:15Didn't have a good plan... ended up heading south in the depression, then curving towards the west around the end of the ridge, crossing the road and along the strip of rough open land, then to the trail junction 250 m north of the control. Probably would have been faster to head west or southwest out of #13.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:55

Split Analysis

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