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Race Evaluation

US Long Course Champs: Green X Long


1. slow going running up the hill in the field with the long grass. I should have stayed on the northbound trail longer
2. I followed the trail through the forest rather than climb the hills in the field
3. Caught Pete Bundschuh here
4. Followed Pete down the trails, but punched first when he got suckered by the control on the rootstock.
5. Pete took the western route, I took the eastern one. I never saw him again.
6. Should have taken the covered bridge, but I went south down the long skinny orchard and forded the stream. Slipped on the rocks and went compleely submerged except for my head. Fortunately the brambles hadn't ripped too many holes in the map case at this point.
7. Contoured out of 6 and ended up at the trail at the edge of the clearing. Followed it around
8. Nice runnable woods, so I ran.
9. Walking up the hill.
11. Gatorade and a banana Passed Gord Hunter in the field, but we punched the control at the same time.
12. confused by all the faint trails in the approach to the control. Finally ignored them and read the contours.
13. Got my second wind here -- mus thave been that banana. Up to the trail junction at the corner of the forest, then straight line using dry ditch as a handrail.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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