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Race Evaluation

MNOC - Interstate State Park, WI: Long Adventure Run

Space Monkey

1. +00:30Little confusion about map
2. No prob
3. No prob
4. +00:30Slow run,tall grass
5. +01:00over run it :( I saw Owen ahead of me and I saw him going down,but I though he's going 2 early,so I stay up till I get on trail :( had to ran back
6. Almost broke my ankle
7. Easy
8. Fast!
9. No prob
10. +00:30Found extra control and got little bid confused w CP #
11. +01:00went straight,hurt my left hand (wrist),its still hurts
12. fast and easy
13. No prob,saw Owen at CP
14. chaise Owen
15. +03:00Owen took road,I went straight,no pron finding cp,but slow
16. easy fast run downhill
17. +01:00slow long run,noone around
18. same
F. easy finish

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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