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Race Evaluation

(MDC) Lover's Lane: HM1


1. +01:30Did not read the leg properly, took off too fast.
3. +01:30Did not finish the leg well. Got to spur, ran down but could not see rocks so went back to top of hill to relocate. Needed to see that the rocks for the control were off the edge of the spur.
4. +00:30Poor map reading - did not see how easy the control location was.
7. +01:15Should have taken lower route. Did not read map properly.
8. +01:00Lost concentration and direction. Should have been more careful on "easy" leg.
9. +01:00Still not concentrating (annoyed about 7 & 8 now). Missed easy route choice.
10. +00:30Poor reading map in man-made detail.
11. +01:00Poor route choice. Should have run around track and saved height.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:15

Split Analysis

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