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Race Evaluation

DVOA Fair Hill Classic: Brown 1


1. An old-fashioned aimoff to the top of the circle.
2. Plenty of features to check off to stay straight.
3. Checked off a few more rootstocks to get to the right one.
4. Did not check features en route
Zigzagged a bit while confusing the fences near the buildings.
5. Finding a safe stream crossing led to an effective aimoff along the base of the hill.
6. Saw people at the water control from the middle of the field.
7. An easy bearing up the spur with plenty of features made even easier with MaritD in front.
8. Used a bunch of handrails just right of the line to get to the ford and the control from there.
9. Came to the road right where the ditch jogged away from the road, which was the best attackpoint in the area.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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