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Race Evaluation

DVOA Fair Hill: Chapel Sprint


1. 30 seconds behind Peter at the start. Running across the field behind him and Harold DeMoss, I had the misapprehension that I was catching up. Perception is a funny thing.
2. Up the trail, and on a pretty straight line. Funny looking boulder.
3. +00:10Across the field, further S than I realized and surprised when I popped through the line of green and was in another field. Going slowly a bit, then saw Peter and others coming out of #3 on the trail, so headed in and found it.
4. Back out the trail and on line, leaving the big green blob on my left. I saw Peter on the way from 5 to 6, going along the yellow.
5. Left of the green blob and in.
6. On the trail S. No real difficulty, but stopped to look at the map again when I crossed one of the cross trails.
7. +00:05On trail. Should have cut the corner, which was a fair amount out of the way.
8. Through the woods, hitting the trail and the yellow at the same time.
9. Back on trail to the bend, then cross stream and up the spur, favoring the left side. Jim Hall was ahead and coming in from the R. Spike!
10. Back to the large NS trail and N all the way to the yellow. Didn't think to cut over through the woods, which would have saved about 5 or 10 seconds.
11. +00:25Planned to follow edge of yellow, and ran while re-folding my map down the trail to the R. After a bit I realized it and backed out. If only I had just looked ahead at the fences!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:40

Split Analysis

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