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Race Evaluation

DVOA Fair Hill: Chapel Sprint


1. Took me a second to find the start on the map, but basically knew I had to go out of the little fence chute. Read the map well right from the beginning. Hit the copse straight on, knew where to go next.
2. Took the trail through the green, ran right to the correct feature as positioned on the map, but it wasn't a boulder, which confused me for a second. Confidence restored when the number checked.
3. Went to the right of the line, across the field to the trail and down the trail that would be the exit. In retrospect, the left route was probably faster, but I didn't even notice it. I was moving fast...good map contact with what I was doing, not much peripheral map vision.
4. Straight across the field, to the right of the green patch. No problems here.
5. Left of the green patch right to the copse.
6. Had already decided to go right, along the green in the field, and right after I started in that direction I noticed the trail through the green right along the line (again lacking peripheral map reading sense). Since I'd already taken a few steps the other way, I just kept going. Should only be a 5-7 sec diff between routes, so that was probably a good move.
7. +01:15Viktoria was just about caught up and I ...acted in haste. Since I came from the right, I had seen clearly the big trail to the right, and that's where I went. By the time I realized my mistake, I could see V punching on the bridge. I went all the back rather than cut through green.
8. No problem here, straight forward trail run.
9. I took the Z trail route, attacking from the trail T intersection SE of the control. Perfect shot. Running through the white wasn't as fast as I thought it would be - some snarly stuff. Now it looks like the route was circuitous, but it was fast moving and brainless navigation.
10. Cut through along the line to the big trail, then cut across the marsh from abeam the control. Right on. Still feeling good and in tune with the map.
11. Quick leg, the jumps (or whatever was there) were at least mapped well enough to make it obvious which one had the control.
12. This is when I realized that I'd been going pretty hard, because my legs through a hissy fit here. I wasn't supposed to run so hard today. Ran basically along the line, crossing the nasty-ish green stuff and just aiming off the side of the fence corner.
13. Stayed in the field, skirting the edge of the woods. Headed for the cliff and knew the control would be behind it.
F. Picked it up a little bit at the end here, but not like I normally would. Hard to hold back...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:15

Split Analysis

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