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Race Evaluation

DVOA Fair Hill: Chapel Sprint


1. Slow figuring out where the start was and how to get out of the fences. As I got close, a FUMA guy or perhaps a West Point runner (?) was standing around to the right. He saw where I was going and converged but I got there first.
2. +00:05I saw the trail to the left just in time. I expected a boulder and was looking past the control when I saw it on the sewer pipe to my right and back a few steps. The FUMA kid was right behind me.
3. +00:10Around the green to the right but I cut in on the first trail instead of the second. The FUMA kid was right behind me.
4. +00:05After crossing the first field with the copse on my right, I had a good bearing. I saw #5 but couldn't see #4. I started doubting myself and veered away toward #5. Fortunately I saw it in time and cut back. The FUMA kid was right behind me and almost got there in front of me.
5. Around the bush to the right.
6. I took the trail to the left through the dense green but wasn't sure it went all the way through while reading it on the run. The FUMA kid was right behind me.
7. Trail to the left but I think I cut a corner. There were several people in the area and I got hung up behind one on the bridge.
8. People were standing around #7 still. I just took off straight and knew just where to find it on the other side of the copse. The FUMA kid was right behind me.
9. Back into the woods the way I came, then left to the trail through the valley. It went up and down a little and was a bit uneven from horse tracks. I attacked from the trail intersection at the top of the hill and could see it from there. The FUMA kid was right behind me. Wyatt was there at the control. I punched the original and when that didn't work, I punched the one he held for me.
10. +00:15I went straight and don't remember crossing crossing the trail. I drifted right and hit the green. I pretty much ran along it to the control.
11. Around to the right. I knew just where to find it.
12. I headed up the hill on the line. I saw Dave Onkst and others way to the left. I wondered if perhaps he missed #11 but he was making a route choice I didn't think was necessary. I keyed off the fence to the reentrant but was a bit higher than necessary.
13. Chasing Dave across the field going low. As we neared the control, Dave was in and out of the control so fast that I thought it might not be there but it was.
F. Straight but tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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