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Race Evaluation

DVOA Fair Hill: Chapel Sprint


1. Some hesitiation at the start. Struggled with scale.
2. Ka-BOOM. Took the wrong trail and wound up in the wrong field. Quick recovery once I realized what was wrong, but the damage was done.
3. Took low route to the left, probably not as good as staying high to the right.
4. Straight
5. Straight
6. Straight on the trail
7. Stayed on the trail the whole way. Could have saved a few seconds by cutting the corner.
8. Trail route to the right. Most people went straight, but I think this route was OK.
9. Back on the trail to the 90-degree bend, then straight up the spur to the control. Also a less common route, but I like it.
10. Redline, using the trail for about 100 meters.
11. Straight.
12. Straight. A whole bunch of people went way right on this leg. I don't know why.
13. Cutting through the white woods that were really open.
F. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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