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Race Evaluation

US Intercollegiate Champs, Day 1: Red X/M Varsity


1. Confused parallel features
Ran up reentrant on right-hand side of hill.
3. +02:00Got most of the way there, then things didn't look right, and I turned, then went up on higher ground to get a better view -- turns out I had been going the right way after all
4. Did not check features en route
Confused parallel features
Failed to make sure of where I was crossing the stream, and ran up the reentrant 150 m to the left.
7. +00:38Sat down at #6 to pull a stick out of my shoe, and sat there coughing for a while (had a bad cold this past week). Checked my watch when I finally got up.
11. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Out to the road, which I think is best. Unfortunately, when I got to the knoll with the triangle on it, I turned too far right and ran down the white spur.
12. Bad compass work
Got turned a bit to the right, and the vegetation got nasty, until I was just trying to find any way out of there. Finally hit the road between the finish and the parking lot.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:38

Split Analysis

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