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Race Evaluation

US Intercollegiate Champs, Day 1: Red X/M Varsity


3. +00:20Was doing just fine until getting to the large re-entrant right before the control circle, when i assumed i was lower than i was and decided to go up more than i needed.
6. +04:30Knew that this sort of control (over the top of a hill and down) has given me problems in the past, moved slowly and carefully on the approach, and still screwed up. I didn't notice the flag, went to the next re-entrant over, then came back to the large one before, then finally finding the right one.
8. +01:00Hesitated a lot, especially in the greener areas, and wrenched my ankle halway through causing me to jog half the leg.
9. +00:15Overran the control, had to come back.
11. +01:45Poor route choice and poor execution here - did not run on the road, but rather went left down the long ridge, across the stream and up the clearing. Messed up the attack from the trail, coming in too low.
12. +02:30Really stupid mistakes here -total loss of concentration allowed me to be carried all over the place in the last part of the leg. Pretty much running back and forth and panicking for a couple of minutes.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:20

Split Analysis

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