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Race Evaluation

Rock Bridge EcoMarch: Red


2. Did not read control description
Lacked concentration
tall grass & brush out of #1 to knoll tough and not fun. Then hunted for outcrop instead of the easier bend in ditch
4. Did not check features en route
Took a chance
Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
ran in green instead of field, didn't see exact corner of open area
5. Hesitated
6. Hesitated
7. Hesitated
8. Did not like map
Did not read control code
crappy high brush under powerline - no other options, yuck. Lots of overgrowth not on old map
9. Bad route choice
Took a chance
Confused parallel features
after leaving 8, realized I hadn't punched in box 8, went back, mucked around under powerline 100m, then found a mowe trail (nice), figured it would lead to the indistinct trail through the dark green. Last year, lost time going on that trail getting confused. Opted to take the power line route. Bad! tall brush & grass - miserable - walked part of this 200m; finally cut into the dark green (cedar tree grove) which was faster - but still slow running. Confused (another 15 sec) by a parallel 2nd set of smaller power lines. Then just aimed for Saunders Cabin, then ran trails to #09.
10. Bad map reading
stopped short of real reentrant junction, spotted depression
F. +00:02leaving 10, lost time for seeing Fritz and swearing. Except for bad route choice to #9, had to be happy with run after yesterday's 8 min boom at Lake Jacomo

Total Time Lost - 00:06:27

Split Analysis

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