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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Red Day 2


1. +02:20Determined to do better than yesterday. I think I was thinking 1:15 though, as I totally over-ran on the path, coming to the stream. I was then confused by a bit of ruined wall - took me too long to ignore it and regroup. Of course it was totally obvious where I was otherwise! Attacked fine, except I ended up between the green hill and the swamp - and realized that the green went right up to the swamp - no gap.
2. Fine
3. +01:00Poor choice of attack. Went off the road just past the clearing instead of carrying on to the bend. It was fine navigating, but the white woods was NOT as fast as the road!
4. Stayed high, used the two walls, then navigated carefully from the second wall corner. Determined to look at my map more today, and it is working. A bit hesitant, but spiked it.
5. Very carefully read my way out to the trail so I knew exactly where I was. Then very careful compass and pace to the rocky area. Didn't have as clear a picture of the area as I might have, but my compass and instincts were good, and it was where I expected it to be.
6. +01:00Went out to the western trail. A bit hesitant. Also missed the junction (eastbound trail), so was even hesitant on the trail, until I planned ahead more - just head for the stone wall by the trail, stupid. Attacked from there along the hillside. Read my way in carefully.
7. Plough through the green. Remember: "There is no such thing as rough compass work." and checked the compass a lot. Came out almost exactly at the cliff, and attacked carefully. Spiked it.
8. Read my way along the big hill/spur to the north, straight to it.
9. +01:00Didn't keep contact as well on this leg, and got hesitant. Used the compass carefully, and knew the big spur nw of the control would be there, and that I had to keep going down. Got a little confused by some rocks, but did hit it straight on. Good compass work again.
10. +00:20Just couldn't make myself go down until right at the end. Was the running better high? Or was I just not quite thinking enough about the actual control site?
11. +00:20Went mostly east and straight across the first path to the one by the lake. Followed it to the end, then in. Vaguely confused because the two 'boulders' I expected to see in the flat area weren't there ... only later did I realize it was a narrow marsh, partly covered by the circle. Stupid!
12. +01:00Hesitant on the trail - why? Left it at the sharp bend, then up to the stream bend and flat area, and up to the control. Slow through the flat/thick/swampy bit.
13. Ah, a trail run. And I've just walked up a hill, so I am rested. Stonewall north to trail, then all the way to the bend right by the control. Paced from the field corner to be sure not to over run (not going to repeat my mistake on number 1). Straight to it.
14. Went right, handrails all the way. Could only have wished for a bit more left in the legs.
15. I like running on ridges! Stuck close to the hill on my left after crossing the trail.
16. +00:20To the right of the swamp, which wasn't too bad (though I could've been a bit faster if I'd just plowed through it more). Did a little bauble at the end, distracted by the streamers on the fence. Not concentrating on getting to the control itself.
17. All the way to the northeastern field corner, as it was so fast, and I didn't want to go through any green marsh! Up the stone wall (handrails keep me fast at the end) and the swamp was next to nothing. Amazing after all the rain!
F. Why didn't I do it like this yesterday?

Total Time Lost - 00:07:20

Split Analysis

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