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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Red Day 2


1. Saw Suzanne Armstrong at the trail junction - she'd started 2 min in front of me - found out later she'd gone down th trail to the S a bit. Took the trail, depression between the knolls, around the marsh and in just ahead of Suzanne.
2. Pushing to stay ahead of Suzanne.
3. Suzanne came out on the road just ahead of me, kept just behind her along the road, cut in at the end of the guardrail, seemed like there was an extra reentrant in there. Suzanne a bit ahead.
4. Kept Suzanne in sight, I took a slightly lower line. Was looking for some kind of boundary marks, but didn't see any. Slowed down at the stream and pegged it a bit ahead of Suzanne.
5. +08:00Just right of the line to the trail, then up a bit to get above the green. Saw Suzanne a couple time lower than me. Just around the first rock features, then POW, a stick in the right eye. Coldn't get it to focus, then thoguht my contact had slipped up to top of my eye. Could see OK out of my left eye, but I that lens is set for reading, my right eye was set for distance. Decided to keep on going, but got led astray by several others circling the area. Think I passed through the circle, just uphill of the control. Wandered a bit more, a lot more, then ended up at a control (green?) in a sharp reentrant with rock faces on both sides. Figured out I was 150m SW of my contorl. AS I got nearer, almost got run over by a train of folks heading out of it. After I punched, decided to see if I could pull my contact out, rinse it (glad I carry a water bottle and put it back in. Fished it out, rinsed it off and saw that it was torn most of the way across - tossed it aside.
6. Adjusting to seeing out of my weaker eye, with acontact adjusted for close-up vision, and my dominant eye is all blurry. Ran into all sorts of stuff. Hit the trail and ran it, took a wihile to figure out if I was on the first or second trail - it was the first. Over to the larger trail, splashed down it to between the marshes, and into the control with a crowd - already a few folks by the control.
7. Picked my way through the logged stuff - there was a cleared path most of the way. It was a bit thick just before the trail. Came out by the rock face, over the spur and in. A few folks around.
8. +06:00Up hill a bit, past a depression, opened up a bit, was on track, then got into some denser stuff and proceeded to circle. Ended up to the right with numerous others - some cussing going on.... Decided to bail out W to the trail and hit the control. Eye still hurting, vision is so-so.
9. +15:00Rough compass, over the small knoll, between the dark green, stay straight, there's the boulder uphill and just right of the line and and and no control and things don't look right any more. Well, go a bit further. Nothing. OK, circle a bit. There's that boulder again, maybe it's the one further up the hill - no. Enough other folks floundering around that I don't feel alone, but are they running red, green or blue?? Consider bail out options, see a control, but it's not mine. Bail out to the trail by the marsh/lake and head south. Go a ways and figure I must have been way north of where I wanted to be. Head up by the small marsh to the right of the trail about 150m S of the control. Angel up the hill a bit and see Steve Olafsen - is he heading into or out of the control?? which way is it?? Cirlce a little nit and find it - I'd been a bit too far south this time. So flustered I don't take a split.
10. Contour the hillside, following a faint elephant track. See it from above.
11. Cross first trail, pass stonewall, second trail. Head in before form line knoll.
12. +02:30Cross at bridge, take trail to S, angle up hill at trail bend just before reentrant. Cross stream, over knoll, and pass through the circle. Wander a bit S of the control, bail up to stonewall, attack and hit it.
13. Follow stonewall to trail, take upper trail, stonewall to larger trail, cut in at bend, over upper rock face, lower rockface, wasn't expecting it to be this low.
14. +03:00Considered trail option, but decided to go due E through the fields, then hit the stonewall up to Brown Lane and up the spur. Executed OK , but slow. Got to the top of the spur and overran - wandered down off the ridge a bit and passed on the other side of a thicket and didn't see the flag. Stopped where the stonewall hit the reentrant. Steve Olafsen coming in at a good pace just before I got back to the control. He must have had some problems since I'd seen him.
15. Chasing Steve, I stay a bit too high before the trail, lost time getting down over the rocky footing.
16. Around the SW end of the marsh - can't see too well and go in some deep spots.
17. Cut to N end of field, guide off the stonewalls, the marsh between the stone wall and the trail is really deep.
F. Not much left.

Total Time Lost - 00:34:30

Split Analysis

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