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Race Evaluation

DVOA Iron Hill: Red


1. +00:25Lost/hestitant at end
2. +00:15Totally hestitant at end
3. +00:15Dead stop at edge
4. N, E, NE to road, around, attack from NW of bag. Exit slow? Left route better? How'd Clem & Mihai do this?
5. +00:15Hit some nasty green on the way in, then dead stopped right near bag.
6. Had memorized this on the way 3-4. I think I looked at my map once.
7. +00:20Missed low. Bearing to rough or something.
8. +01:20Was doing okay, then hit the other bag 50m away. There was no knoll and the code was wrong. Couldn't read map locally, so ran back toward house, bearing showed I was low, and reattack from there worked okay.
9. +00:20Left bag most of way to 7, then along trails and contoured across when trail climbed. Hit pit on line and nailed spur. Stood still wondering if I was lost, as I was standing 10m from the bag and couldn't see it. (Down in a pit in the green - much of this course was like the RosElum 5.)
10. Contoured, kept right distance from fence. Nailed bag behind a large fallen tree.
11. +00:05Contoured out. Seemed to take forever. Finally hit one trail - angle looked wrong, so I turned harder right. Hit next tail and still was a bit confused, but hit reentrant right at junction and went up.
12. +01:30On bearing to broad spur. Light green seemed more pervasive & darker than mapped. Hit a few pits and a vague reentrant on the way in but couldn't tell what was what as visibility was ~10m along the ground. Ended up high in really flat area - looked much flatter than mapped, couldn't see houses or yellow line to me west, but decided to presume flat area was correct, and aimed in from there. Got lucky on 2nd attack. A lot of this seems bingo, but Clem & Mihai did fine so...
13. +05:00Out to trail, up trail, contoured when trail climbed & hit either an unmapped or badly mapped new trail, kept going on bearing at recovered on hilly spur. Then fly down looking for a reentrant junction on the rightish side of the drainage. There it is. Didn't check code.... (See log.) Giving myself a 5 minute penalty so splits are still readable and scores are not totally skewed.
14. Contoured across, dropping (should've been flat/climbing, but map reading was helping correct for starting from wrong point and attack point was distinct...) Around right up rentrant kicking some metal debris into the air ont he way in.
15. +01:30OOOOOOOUUUCCH. (See log...) Attacked from lower trail and hit fine, but moving quite slow.
16. +01:00Patchwork of trails and nailed it (going slow for ankle.)
17. +00:30Two small wrong turns
F. +00:15Bad Ankle & rooty trail => go slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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