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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander X:


1. The crowd made running and map reading a bit more difficult. Was just behind the leaders. Had good m-contact and read all the way.
2. Off the road 100m behind Wyatt and Greg. Daniel, Nadim and others nearby. Contouring around through depressions then drop to C.
3. With Nadim on the line.
4. Past the major trail going downhill through the rocks I took a good fall. Cross the stone wall. Then found spur and noted stone wall to the left. Saw Mihai running along wall. Then saw Wyatt and Greg come down the hill from the left. Finally realized I was one stone wall to the right. I kept thinking, "boulder to right of wall." But I was reading the wrong wall.
5. Up up up. Nav easy. Came in with my O pals for the day, Nadim and Daniel.
6. Daniel and I chased Nadim down the open area. Hit trail and Nadim seemed to be following it too far left. Hit second trail and was confused for a moment. A number of people passed me and I followed as we took the trail around the right of the hill. Up and over I read the bumps coming in right on top of the control.
7. The pack was ahead of me now. Took a short cut through the boulder up high as we bent around the cliffs and I was even with the front of the pack. Misread the approach and lost time and was in the back again.
8. Around marsh to right and to the trail. But I think going straight would have been better. Attacking C was easy coming down slope with reentrant to right.
9. Nadim is ahead and Daniel passes me going downhill. Feet, particularly the right one is already "hot" and tender so I try to be nice to it and run easy.
10. Holy moly! Trail run took forever. The map didn't seem to match the trails and I was running with my fingers crossed that I was on the right path. The HVO turn sign was welcome confirmation. Then we slogged up Parker Cabin Mtn. I just kept looking for the little white/red blazes hoping it would, if nothing else, take me to 106. Up top there more orange ribbons that I hoped were for us. Got to aid station behind Nadim and then Daniel behind me. Along way reminded myself to keep observing and reading terrain. Didn't want to zone out and just run as that could lead to mistakes when getting back to the O.
11. Looked at map and thought, "Oh crap!" First time on Surebridge. All I could do was walk and try to find my way. Made me feel better that Nadim and Daniel were walking too. Noted reentrant to right and climbed to high point and then cliff.
12. Generally easy. Went around marsh to right but probably didn't need too.
13. Another, "Oh crap!" After rounding the "two lung cliffs" I got anxious, couldn't identify creek, thought I had farther to go, and climbed hills into rough open area. Nadim too. We worked our way back down watching Greg then Daniel punch ahead of us.
14. Followed our pack up the nasty hill. Didn't get map contact until 250m out from the C but read my way in, while still behind Nadim, from there. On my own I would have gone right initially and climbed up through the reentrant.
15. Across the creeks on bearing to flat area along slope. I was behind our train of Greg, Daniel and Nadim. I was trying to read as I went and generally knew where I was but I definitely would have been slower on the final approuch if i was by myself. Had a good fall that partially knocked the wind out of me.
16. Punched C15 behind Daniel then Nadim. Raced downhill to get back in contact. Climbed up to trail and Nadim went left. Daniel and I "Onkst'ed" him and went right. Around on the trails, not all the way to the swamp. Across the creek then read the hills well getting in ahead of Daniel.
17. First thought was to go straight but I caught myself as Daniel caught up and decided on trail. We took different but // routes to the big trail then between the marshes. Nadim catches us through here. Around the big hill we stop at the early pair of boulders. Some pausing and looking and reading the map I realize what two boulders we are standing next. Daniel figured it out at the same time and we ran up to the C. I ate a Gu as Daniel took off and Nadim came in.
18. Another "Oh crap!" Saw big trail to right and Daniel heading that way but didn't know what to do after. Chased Daniel and Nadim out to big trail. Along trail I had trouble trying to regain map contact, plan ahead and keep up with Daniel and Nadim. Was navigating "100m in the past" until my brain caught up. Finally got to navigating "0m in the future/past" by Times square and by that time had planned the rest of the route on the small trail before the swamp. Run run run on small trail, over spur, left of swamp to big trail, cross to small trail. At first I was going to attack from trail bend but realized that meant climbing. Started contouring just as Daniel and Nadim did a bit below me. Daniel and I go to the control simultaneously.
19. Started fading on this leg. Was fine to C17 but I was definitely more tired with more tripping and stumbling. Wanted to stay with Daniel and Nadim until we punched C18 though. My plan was to go up to trails. Daniel thought going through the swamps would be faster and we deferred to the local knowledge. It was a real pain in the butt route. However, looking at the splits I think we did ok. We were only a couple minutes behind Wyatt who took the trail but ahead of most others. Climbing to the control I did not fully understand the map in the C-area. I knew I had to get to gray hill, not go into green, and have C on left. Daniel found the bag for me.
20. Couldn't hang with them anymore but still running. Physically fading quite dramatically. Downhills my right food felt like I was loosing skin. Up hill I felt "out of it." On my own I would have gone done to road. Going straight was a decent route though.
21. Splits on watch were off during this section so this is an estimate to get the final time correct. Food and water. Don't feel good. Legs OK but the slightest effort causes me to feel lightheaded. Goal is to walk and just keep going. Maybe after food and water it will pass. Generally walking the rest of the race.
22. Initially I went down too much only to have to climb. Should have contoured to right above cliffs. Walked and went right to it. Saw Greg walking downhill as I approached.
23. Ugh. Had to sit and rest. Saw a snake. Got confused by upper line of cliffs before realizing I had to go down. Foggy thinking.
24. Spiked the controls for the rest of the race. It's easier when walking. :-) I took it as a good sign (no serious danger) that even though my body wasn't working, I was still thinking clearing.
25. Got cheered on my the finish crew as I passed along the beach. I could not match their enthusiasm.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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