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Race Evaluation

PNWOF: Arnold Ice Cave: Blue


1. Did not check features en route
Bad compass work
The route. Followed the compass out of the start, not paying much attention to the vegetation. Bad idea. As I got over the broad spur, things didn't match and there was no control. I was quite a bit off to the NE, maybe 20o. Figured it out and then saw Cristina at my control; don't think it was hers. Eric and I made an exactly the same mistake at the first control of the High Desert Drifter Rogaine.
2. Added a 20o correction to the desired direction, to the left. Nailed it.
3. Actually read the relief... it worked.
4. Ran out, then found myself; off to the right again but on a very good route, at the base of the cliffs. Perhaps stayed on that bearing too long, hit the trail and then saw the control.
5. Coming up, saw smittyo and asked her if her compass was working. She said yes.
6. Saw blegg ahead. Ran hard to catch up.
7. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Caught up.... and off we went too far to the left. Blegg corrected, I didn't, insistent in misinterpreting the relief.
8. Never saw blegg again.
9. Some little girl led me into it.
10. Bad map reading
Disturbed by others
Jerry the O-Boy led me out of it. This guy mess me up agin! with his camera.
13. Lacked confidence
Stopped right before it, seeing #9 (identified it as such) and confused with the vegetation and contour mapping. Until now I can't recall where the control was in relation to me when I saw it; not too far, but which direction? Just drew the line straight, which doesn't jel with my recollection of the vegetation (I remember standing in an open area with trees ahead of me), but can't pry it out of the brain.
19. Bad map reading
Saw Red people to my right, punching a control in a reentrant; but misidentified the direction of its drainage to 180o. Also misidentified the knolls to my left, off by one. Stopped when I saw the main road.
20. Climbed an unnecessary hill... oh well.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:40

Split Analysis

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