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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 3 - The Finals!


1. An embarrassing run as I gave up after being dropped by my group. My 4th place was assured. I was still with the group here.
2. Could not keep the pace in the rocks and was already behind. Rest of the course alone.
5. Could not get to the punch as other heats were at the map exchange and running out at me. My way was blocked by person handing out the maps.
13. Started thru the green then, out the right side. Passed Heidi O.
14. Looking for a bigger hill and stopped short when I could see the marsh. Eventually realized it was a formline hill so not very big.
15. Looking for the control on the knoll instead of the hill then distracted by string-O control. Should have taken trail around.
16. What a mess of circles. Knew there was one to go so did not skip it.
F. Finished quietly as everyone was watching the start of the Mens heat 1 final.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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