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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 2 Short Course


1. +01:30Across the bridge then R on trail to clear the green. Dave O continued toward beach, I and others behind me went up the reentrant. Very bad line and not paying close attention. Got much to far right and headed for clearing which turned out to be parking lot. Still not thinking clearly and instead of just turning toward clearing angled out of lot to hit the road and then came into clearing from the E. The flight which started a minute back was all leaving the clearing as I ran in.
2. +00:10Race is not lost as I think others from my flight are behind me. Dave O is an unknown, either way ahead (he was) or behind. Run hard to close the gap on the other flight and separate myself from mine. Catch up with the leaders (Biggins, Sergey, Dave D) at 2 when they are in the rocks to the right.
3. +00:05Very hesitant and they catch back up. A pack of 4 for the rest of the course.
4. Out spur and attack from knoll to the east.
5. Sergey and I are leading out of 4 but I go straight to road while others aim more for the water. I am back in the pack again.
6. Straight
7. Road
9. Out to road, then cut in from N. Other 3 are in tight group jockeying for position for the final run in. Only 2 will qualify. I have no pressure. No one from my flight near me so I believe I will qualify in 1rst or 2nd. I think Biggins takes the lead here, Dave loses some time when he steps on the control stand just as he goes to punch so misses the hole. I lose the same time as I am waiting for him to punch.
10. Not a well planned route as we race for the first clearing we see. Doh! we want the 2nd one.
F. Finish and see Dave O already in, but I am 2nd in the flight and make the finals.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:45

Split Analysis

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