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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 3 - The Finals!


1. Decided to go straight instead of along the road. Got to the control before anyone else in my start group, but it might still have been faster to go along the road.
2. +00:10Lost time at the bottleneck onto the island.
5. Went straight. Maybe faster to go on the trail SW of the field?
6. I took the trail to the W of the control, most everyone else cut across the hilltop. I think I was slightly faster.
7. Took the trail to the building. Probably faster to go straight. I apparently don't do too well with route choice on this trail.
9. Went north around the water. Did a bit better on fine navigation to the control than the people in front of me.
11. I had nice flow on the map exchange.
12. I went through the woods and along the edge of the field, I think I lost some time on my pack here.
13. Went around the green to the left. The area seemed rotated clockwise to what the map says, so it probably would be faster to go to the right around the green.
14. Picked up the pace a bit.
15. Passed Clint here, I think.
16. Passed some more people.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:10

Split Analysis

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