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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 2 Men's Heat 1&2


1. to building, then crowd splits - some go left on trail, others heading down main trail - straight seems logical, jj heads that way and I follow, a bit crappy in green before field, but i find a line right to flag and beat a bunch of people who started ahead of us - this round looking up?
2. people seem to be fanning out crossing road (some just standing there looking clueless) - i forge straight into green on bearing and run up hill, attacking from top with a minor correction to R as i enter circle
3. short & straight
4. +00:03past large boulder to L, over hill then veer right to spur, minor hesitation on top of upper spur to verify position before heading down
5. straight, through green, i think vlad just in front off to my right
6. nice clean running aside from a few log hops
7. most people seem to right around around some unmapped green, but plow straight to road gaining 3-4 positions, line up map to attack 8 while running hard on road - 7 a no brainer - in, around cliff and out the other side taking off on road again - seemed very automatic - this must be the elusive (for me) flow... nice
8. cut marsh corner to boulder, then uphill on bearing - don't remember specifics in circle, just remember flowing through - probably helped by train
9. straight, lots of people around
10. straight over top of knoll, around boulder to punch,
11. back to trail to run around to 11, then then decide woods don't look so bad, catch Ross in here, or did he catch me? Reminiscent of chasing him across field at Regis - up hill to dump, R of debris - wary of yellow jackets - trail to road, straight in, drifted left for cleanest line in marsh - didn't notice boulder was solitary rather than paired - code in low 50' - good, punch... MISpunch - i hit 54, instead of 53, didn't realize it until later.. damn...
12. even though i missed correct control by 50m, still managed to hit parking lot corner and in through now well travelled path in green. Ahead of Ross I think...
F. nice finish sprint...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:03

Split Analysis

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