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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 3 - The Finals!


1. +00:15Pack went out together, and we all missed it to the right!
2. Straight through some crappy terrain. Caught a bit of trail, then just looked ahead to see where the land jutted out. George in the lead?
3. Rick and I got a bit ahead by going straight from the trail junction instead of around.
4. Behind Rick.
5. Went to the end of the parking lot, and then over. George caught up, I think, by going straighter. So we were all pretty close heading out for the second loop.
6. +00:15I lead some people to an unmapped boulder that was too low, though I corrected quickly.
7. Straight. George off to my right. Some who took the trail converged at the control.
8. Straight.
9. Went right (clearly shorter). George was in front on the trail but then got drawn to a string-o control! and I never saw him again. (I wrongly thought I was in the lead here, but Rick D. was ahead.)
10. Faster runners started going by, and there were people around for the rest of the course.
11. To the parking lot, and then along the edge.
12. End of parking lot and over.
13. Went left of the green, but then got caught up in some deadfall on this approach to the control. (Through the green was faster.)
14. Rick D. suddenly with me again. But (drat!) he starts pulling ahead as I'm running out of gas.
15. There he goes ...
16. Right of the building, as fast as I can.
F. Split wasn't quite this bad: I took a couple extra seconds before I punched. 2nd place in B final.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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