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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 2 Short Course


1. Took the trail south a bit until the hillside looked less steep and green, then spiked the building, down the trail to junction with trail on the left, then cut straight to it.
2. As I approached, I saw Glen and Dean, who had started a minute ahead of me. Feeling confident!
3. In a pack. Caught Rob T. here, so I was pretty sure I was leading my group.
4. Went a bit right of line, using the higher knoll as an attack point. I think Dave Onskt caught up around here, which means he had already made up a minute.
5. Easy, with others around.
6. Easy, but I'm now at the front of the group.
7. Others didn't take the shortest route to the road, so Dean and I got ahead. Then Dean went around the back of the knoll. I came in from the front and lost him.
8. +00:10Dave Onskt passed me on the road and I followed. We came in just west of the control, and while I stopped to check the map, he spotted the flag.
9. Behind Dave, but he stopped short to check a flag on the same boulder that I had gone by on the last race. (I had now spiked that boulder twice, but when it was my control, in the next race, I missed it!) I didn't hesiate, approaching the right boulder from the East, getting there before Dave.
10. Staying ahead of Dave.
F. First in my group! Rick D. second, but never saw him.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:10

Split Analysis

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