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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 1 Men's Heat 1&2


1. rest of my group took off like a bat out of hell while I was still trying to fathom my map - damn... they all got a gap on me already and we haven't even left the field!
2. settled down a bit and realized #2 was across from our campsite, picked up the pace since it was familiar - my family happened to be hanging out and I vaguely recall hearing cheers from my fans as I went through - not looking up though
3. more definite cheers as I ran past tent up hill towards rest room to attack
4. people scattering on different route choices, i went right of rest room on index contour, then straight past knoll - no one else in my group going this way, probably not optimum, but i chose it and executed it just fine...
5. nw to trail, over to field and in to corner
6. across lot, field to small building, just running my own race now, aware others around me, but not aware of who
7. +00:12recognize more technical section, slow down allowing those ahead to move away, carefully reading contours, in ok, but somewhat isolated from others
8. +00:20still slow run, reading contours well, hit control just fine
9. +06:30boom, no one around me, somehow leave control a little left, spot marshy area, but assume its marsh on right side of line and correct left - right off the edge of the map - happens quickly at this scale/pace. suddenly nothing matches anything anymore and probably 2 minutes later it occurs to me i'm off map - run nw praying i hit trail - hit it close to cliff on knoll and relocate, whew... not over yet - as I approach #9 (women coming through now - i'm screwed...) I run through a yellowjacket nest -
10. +00:10swatting yellowjackets most of way to 10, probably a dozen stings or so - get to 10 safely, but my determination/pace drying up
11. jog in line confused me at first, but opted to run for cliff, went left, then climbed reentrant to ridge and bearing from there. Stepped aside to let some women run through..
12. +00:15edge of marsh to road, cut into white shortly thereafter - alone again. drifted right onto adjacent spur, corrected fairly quickly - felt surprisingly automatic, don't recall thinking, so much as feeling where I was
F. +00:06around green and in, not much left to muster a sprint with - going to the bottom of the cannon fodder heap for sure...

Total Time Lost - 00:07:33

Split Analysis

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