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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 3 - The Finals!


1. My group was Scott, Bill and Sergey. I was last getting to the area of the control, but since I had visited it in each of the prior rounds, I knew where it was and got there first, as the others were to the right. However, this was only worth about 4 seconds.
2. I guess I was just moving slowly, and maybe running a little extra distance to try to stay on trails. Well behind the others. Scott was in sight, but well ahead.
3. On trail to clear area N of control, Scott still in sight, getting a few seconds closer to him.
4. Straight
5. In a big crowd, including J-J, through SW-NE parking lot, cutting between hills to yellow. Scott in sight, but can't catch him.
6. Following a big crowd, including Vlad. Cut corner of the trail and climbed, coming in high. Others took the trail around.
7. Trying to hang on. Jeff Saeger passed me.
8. Following Jeff, at a distance.
9. Right option, which is shorter, and I think most people took it. Up the marshy reentrant to the marsh. Flag was further W than I was expecting it, so hesitated a moment. All alone here (for a change).
10. Past pavilion and in. At map exchange I couldn't seem to figure out which way was up, and was very slow leaving (even though there were plenty of people ahead).
11. Out to the parking lot and along edge to the boulder, out of contact with the others.
12. Walking some, climbed hill to W thinking it was on top, before realizing it was down at the rock by the yellow.
13. Around green to the left, had to work my way around a bit.
14. Further than I thought - all the way down by the water.
15. Ross passed me.
16. Joe passed me, but I was moving fast here and just behind Ross and Joe
F. Sprinting now, I was catching up to Joe. He reacted because he was afraid it was Jon Torrance coming, and I backed off a step. Not far behind Scott and Bill, but never saw Bill after #2, and hadn't seen Scott since #6.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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