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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Sprint Finals: Round 2 Short Course


1. Didn't feel like slogging along after the faster guys, so went by myself S on the trail W of the long narrow pond, through the grass E of the beach, but got a little confused going up the hill and drifted R near the parking lot. Saw Bill P. dashing across at right angles, clearly missing. As I corrected and got to the grassy area, a number of later runners had caught up. Tim G. was coming in from the other area.
2. Behind Scott Turner, up the spur and right of the knoll before the control. Tim G. caught and passed me near the flag.
3. Running fast behind Scott and Tim, just time for a quick map check.
4. Again behind Scott and Tim. Passed by quite a few others, including Biggins.
5. Road runs are not my best suit. Slogging along, trying to keep Scott in sight - the others are long gone.
6. Straight.
7. Read far enough ahead to know the cliff was on the far side of the knoll. Felt pretty agile getting in and out.
8. Went a little too far before going into the woods, and had to climb over the knoll. I actually thought I was looking for the reentrant just E of the spur. Luckily I saw the bag.
9. Since I already had visited #54, the flag on a rock about 60 m. to the E, I went there again and used it for an attack point. Excellent.
10. Got a little left and climbed the hill, which was not that great given how tired I was, but no problem.
F. Ran hard, but my punch didn't register at the finish, so this is an estimate, based on my watch time, punched at the real finish, and an allowance for getting to the finish punch.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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