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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Following along, marveling at my inability to keep up with Eric Smith and Francis Hogle among others.
2. Not far behind Bernie and the twins for a bit
3. A little confused by the trails leaving 2, but press on.
4. Glasses getting intolerably fogged.
8. Glasses pretty useless by now. I can still read the clue sheet and pick up big features like marshes. Settled in behind Phil, and behind Susie and Craig off and on. Not a good route to this one, way around to the south, coming in on the trail from the east. With kadley at the control
10. Somehow I got in front for a while, crossing the western part of the marsh, then wiggling a bit going up the hill until I was on the trail west of the control. Phil got in front again
11. Went too far, and I knew it, but couldn't see enough to stop, until I saw the big trail off to the right. Down to that and attacked from the bend.
12. Easy, but we had gotten passed by a lot of people
13. Bad route. Dwn to the trail and around to the right, then coming in above the big cliff and having to go around it and back up to the giant boulder.
14. Out to the road behind Phil, Susie and Craig.
15. Behind Phil. The others stayed lower, but we got up on the trails. Nice route by Phil. I generally had the idea but couldn't see enough to get their on my own.
16. Passed alar and Tiivo climbing the hill. Phil and I picked up Adam at the control.
17. Crossed a lot of cliffs we could have easily gone around.
18. Up and down awful hills on power line. Jumped off behind bishop22, and hoped for the best, because I couldn't see much at all. Struggling to hang onto him because I certainly didn't want to be alone. Eventually Phil showed up and we went up a twisty trail that I now see on the map as very distinctive. Glad to see the cheerful blue aid station tent.
19. Left sooner than Phil and got this one on my own.
20. Phil in the lead again, falling behind him a bit in vain attempts to see where I was going, a little better vision here and the next two.
23. Glad to see the blue tent again.
24. Stopped a little short with Phil and Carl Childs.
26. With Phil, Adam and Carl. Phil too far left, Carl too high. Split the difference and spike it.
28. I had figured out a general plan: run to the marsh, around to the right of marsh and hill after it with cliffs, left on trail to come up narrow marsh, left at boulder, and then hope someone could read the circle. Mostly worked, except for the last part. Went past it on the right; too far and hunting. Afraid those guys might find it when I was out of sight, but Carl was kind enough to call to me.
29. Caught up to Alar and Tiivo again.
30. Following Alar and having a pretty good idea where I was going.
31. Following Alar and not such a good idea where I was going.
32. Ken caught up, and we pushed to catch up to Steve T. Alar was there, too, and Phil and Adam.
34. Popped out to the trail with Ken, and behind Steve who cut the corner better. Hustling along. Lost sight of Steve, who apparently had to go to 33 still. Found first fence gap, read the green fine.
35. Angled across marshes until we saw stone wall.
36. Couldn't see trails in the green, so glad for Ken's advice to head out toward the field.
F. Hustling up the hill. Surprised I wasn't more beat up, but certainly tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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