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Race Evaluation

Lac LaPeche B-meet: Long Advanced


3. I made a mess of this short leg, heading too far N and to the W of control, circling around for ages.
4. I failed to grab onto Alex or Gord and I couldn't resist checking the hillside that was an entire hill too early.
5. It felt like a good, straight bearing run through forest, field and forest but it apparently wasn't my best leg.
7. I hit control circle from above but couldn't see flag from two different angles, convinced my self I was in wrong spot and wasted 6 minutes wanding before following others coming from below.
10. Randy had warned that leaves were thick here so I assumed rock was hidden in leaves not beyond leaves. Fellow racer bailed me out as I had just done for him circling previous flag.
11. Water stop but I felt like the only one actually stopping to drink.
12. This was a good leg for me. From geocaching, I have lots of practise bog hopping. Greeted John and little one.
13. Back to trail for first trail option in entire event, had planned to take trail all the way but changed to field run diagonal and went up to rocks, mistakenly thinking I'd already passed control, retraced and then latched on to Gord yet again.
14. I was happy to unintentionally drift to the trail jct SE and took road before scaling heights. I lost 3 minutes at top of climb standing 20 metres from control unseen til Bert showed up. We then chased next three controls together.
17. Knowing Bert would take a more traditional route choice, I couldn't resist the experiment with trail run away from bearing and then splash through pasture and then climb up creek bed. Even slowing to look for Bert, who I didn't see, I saved myself two minutes.
19. Believe it or not, I stayed off trail for final legs and lost time accordingly.
F. Interestingly, but potentially ankle breaking, the finish control was in the woods at foot of cliffs visible from trail but not on trails. Comments concerning this control would be mixed I'm sure.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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