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Race Evaluation

PNWOF: Sprint 1 (Long)


1. Hesitated
The route is here. I got to the event site late, Allison drove from Redding in the morning. When I got to the finish, just about everyone was done but the controls were still out. Elis walked me to the start and handed me the map, and Jerry the O-Boy went out to take pictures. I took a long look at the map at the start, not having the benefit of knowing where the peoplel before me went. Then, I stayed on the parking lot too long, and got down from it too far W. Took a few steps into the woods, slowed down and looked left. Saw the bag. This leg ended up fairly slow and not straight at all.
2. Did not check features en route
Confused parallel features
Did not check the power line for poles! and once I hit a trail, misinterpreted it. This was because I could see the houses and cars beyond the map but made a 90o error in interpreting the map boundary... once I found the rootstock—no bag—figured it out, turned around and this time nailed it.
3. Nailed it... surprised to see someone still on the course.
4. Couldn't recreate this leg well even right after the race. I know I hit the trail at some point, and left it as it turned to the left, towards the parking lot.
5. Went around the hill on the right... the bag was more to the N end of the cliff, so covered a few extra meters.
9. Bad map reading
Did not read control description
Disturbed by others
As I got there, saw Jerry with camera in some rocks... but no bag... still, raced towards him without reading the map or the description... a mistake.
11. Nailed this one, reading everything, even the frisbee golf feature on the ground.
12. Went towards it, then got distracted by the White/Yellow control on the trail junction just short of it.
13. Raced to the boulders... wrong boulder, had to read the description.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:50

Split Analysis

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