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Race Evaluation

PNWOF: Sprint 1 (Long)


1. Started slowly, I wasn't expecting so much...nature. Wasn't sure what to expect.
2. +00:30I had no plan, and ended up very far to the right of the line, by the next trail intersection. Should have used brain and compass.
3. Ran the right direction this time, and the tree just came into view. That was luck.
4. Stayed low on this one, but since I knew where I was and where I was going, it worked fine.
5. +00:30Followed the trail and headed off beyond the feature, I think.
6. Straightforward. I think a very fast Canadian passed me around here.
7. Went left of the building, and at this point should have been reading the map well enough to go faster, but I was still hesitant.
8. No problems here, this went better, map-reading-wise.
9. +00:15Stopped before the control because I'd simplified the leg in my mind to "far corner of the courts" and just booked it, failing to see on the map that it was actually set apart quite a bit.
10. +00:15Thought the control was off the track, so I ended up off to the left.
11. There were enough features around to allow a straight run here no problems.
12. Another leg where I stopped short due to over-simplification. At least I wasn't running off wildly in the wrong direction.
13. +01:00Ran off wildly in the wrong direction. Basically ran along the slope to number 14. Biggest, and stupidist, mistake of the course. Brain and compass.
14. Got it right this time, thank goodness.
15. Feeling pretty good about the run at this point.
F. Really should have gunned it a little harder!

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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