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Race Evaluation

West Point A-meet: Long Green Y


2. Keeping Meg in sight and drifted a line too low keeping an eye on her before seeing the bare rock and correcting. Phil was also scampering down the hill and well ahead.
4. One reentrant off to the left, but I could see it from there.
5. With Phil for a while, but he went higher than I below the marshes and got way ahead of me. Saw him again as he was getting close and he was about 100 m ahead.
6. Moving well downhill and spiked it.
7. left of marsh. right looked shorter, but I didn't know what the green slashed lines might be like.
8. +00:43including 43 seconds getting a rock out of my shoe. I wanted to run on the trail below the big hill, but it was covered in barberry, and was a lousy route anyway. right of the marsh
9. +02:00dumb route, dumb mistake. Instead of just carefully going on compass and looking around, I decided to bounce off the invisible boundary line. Crossed it without seeing it and wandered for a bit.
10. Long climb up. Saw Phil up above heading away from it toward 11.
11. Nice route down the reentrant straight into it.
12. Chasing Ethan

Total Time Lost - 00:02:43

Split Analysis

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