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Race Evaluation

West Point A-meet: Long Green Y


1. st, care not to get washed down hill, rather irritating footing in steep parts
2. st, down gingerly, was 30-40 m to L, potential for confusion w/ dot knoll, gray rk
3. st, up steep hillside carefully - saw brn cp in reent, to top/open knoll, round it
4. st, read everything, got nr circle, & drawn to FL reent to W first
5. due E thru saddle, around edge grn marsh cross big reent, saw manmade object, path, 2 bldrs, cp
6. st, saw bldr, rf to L, & broad spur making for rf
7. to rt of uncross marsh, green hid rf, care to go st, voila
8. bit L of N, west edge marsh, by end of stone wall, due N between knoll & hill, down, lv marsh to rt, down stream to rf & across carefully
9. st w/ much care - could see 2 runners ahead, one was punching
10. st, to L of big RF, count cliffs & into cp
11. left hilltop to L, down into big reent, & lefthand route out to top, to n'most big rf & then across w/ care
12. st, did not see ride, went right by end of big cliff, then could see ride looking up, then right to cp
F. skedaddle w/ energy for once

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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