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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: The Chase


1. The idea of quickly catching up to Ross is not happening, as he starts way too quick for me. Instead, a guy in a white t-shirt comes in at the same time and I let him punch first.
2. I don't remember this leg very clearly. I must have been running too fast.
3. Someone in a blue suit is in front of me. I'll end up hanging behind him for large parts of the race.
4. Ross is still ahead and we are 5 people chasing him. Eddie is pulling ahead of everyone.
5. People are running straight towards the hill. I steer slightly to the left to avoid climb. Eddie also steers left but much more abrupt.
6. I can still see a trail of runners following Eddie, and I try to hang on to them.
7. Going up the hill Ross is slowing down - he tries to encourage me to go get Eddie. I manage to gain on a few of the others also.
8. I spot Eddie swinging left, and try a straighter route. He still gains 7 seconds on me it later turns out.
9. I run on compass bearing and try not to lose sight of the Eddie train. See someone in a white t-shirt behind me - Wyatt?
10. Almost get caught on the barbed wire fence. White t-shirt seems closer.
11. Aim for the rock and plan my escape.
12. I stay on the road for a bit longer than everyone else, hoping the fimer ground will save an ATP or two. White t-shirt goes more straight.
13. Last hill, must work hard! White t-shirt goes very high to the right. I see Mihai running left below the spur. He can't have found the control yet or he'd be running towards me. I follow and spike. White t-shirt is at least 50m behind
14. On compass - see blue shirt again. He falls on his face just short of the control but still punches 5 seconds ahead.
F. As I sprint to try to catch blue shirt, I see Mihai and some other fast runner come back to 14 from the West. Turns out a lot of people made this mistake. I'm suddenly in fifth! I sprint hard but blue shirt hears me and manages to pick up. I slow down before the chute to save the juice for later...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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