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Race Evaluation

Short Course Champs: Blue


1. Did not check features en route
Lacked confidence
Slow start - Went a little too far in field, had to relook at map
3. Did not plan ahead
Bad map reading
Went too low on hill and missed depression. Estimated location from stream junction below and found control.
4. Went a little too high on spur just before seeing control.
5. Read map too late
Confused parallel features
Veered left just before control - checked reentrants in turn
6. Hesitated
Hesitated after crossing fence - followed it downhill before traversing to rootstock.
7. Straight on.
8. No problem.
9. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Lacked concentration
Out of control in wrong direction, resulting in parallel error. Went through two small depressions just to left of ones I was aiming for, relocated off fence.
10. Did not plan ahead
Lacked concentration
Joe B. turned up just behind me.
11. Stayed high to the right across first reentrant than went low through second one. Just behind Joe who ran straight.
12. Right behind Joe.
13. Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Went high and ran field while Joe stayed low in the woods. Should have gotten slightly ahead of him but got confused by the vegetation and started to go under fence into off-limits area before recovering.
14. Tired
Joe now out of sight at start of leg. Caught glimpses of him heading up toward control. Hills beginning to take toll.
15. Tired
Took line to left of reentrant approaching control, undergrowth fairly thick.
16. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Took a chance
Read map too late
Lost major time. Went too far left approaching top of ridge, went further left to investigate reentrant. Relocated from trail.
17. Did not plan ahead
Direction out of #16 poor.
F. Tired
Whose idea was an uphill finish?

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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