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Race Evaluation

ACT Metro Series: Junior League #11 & Map Mates #4, Narrabundah Hill: Moderate 1


1. P D P R +00:05Slight deviation seeing another flag on the left
2. P D P R Very good, but still only 16th fastest
3. P D P Thought this was OK, but 1:20 behind Prosseri on this. Slow getting through briars maybe
4. P D P R +01:30Stopped too early in the wrong gully
5. P D P R Straight to it
6. P D P R Really good, easily the best split - 8th
7. P D P R +02:30Stopped too early in the wrong gully and direction / contouring was off as well
8. P D P R +02:30Best route was south to the track around the hill but I tried to go straight over. Lost direction crossing the ridge and then misread the track bend
9. P D P R OK
10. P D P +00:15It was due south but I mised it to the left

Total Time Lost - 00:06:50

Split Analysis

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