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Race Evaluation

DVOA-Stuckey Pond: Red


1. +02:00Mind really switched off to start. Just as I was about to start Peggy comes up. Didn't think much about that except I probably did as I went off without really focussing on the map, just running on a bearing, sure I would see the bag (?) What was I thinking - nothing probably. Next thing, I notice a lake to my RIGHT! Stop to consider situation and realize I am on wrong side of the pond. Scurry back around and in just as Peggy is punching, 2' gone.
2. Headed to road with Peggy, each of us going back and forth trying to decide on a route. I wound up going R and hitting walls I couldn't place, just a lot of green. Eventually hit road at N part of curve. Then road, dam, dodge into marsh around green on dam and up reentrant and open space to bag.
3. Straight, punching just as Peggy came up from L. Nailed this altho I thought I was more to L.
4. Straight, keeping ahead of PD.
5. +02:00To trail along ridge, then cut over along line of cliffs to end, but not sure of location and bounced over to bigger hill to L, then almost started back along side when I saw PD leave from behind me. Best to have stayed on trail, down reentrant looking for saddle at end of ridge for a good attackpoint and better running than ridge.
6. +01:00Up and down and up and down following Brad to far L, then run down ridge to bag.
7. Around old trail to stream, road for a bit then cut corner to trail, over hill to R of marsh, up reentrant to stone wall, trail, little trail down long reentrant and up.
9. +02:00Probably the only one that decided they didn't travel 5 hrs to run roads and went L of ponds, around old slate quarry and in. Time loss is compared to the wimps that did run the road.
11. Tried at first to go straight but caught up in green about where control #204 located (sprint 2, #4) and headed out to reentrant, cut up animal track to single pine then down to cliff to L and over.
F. straight, just slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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