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Race Evaluation

DVOA-Team Fundraiser: Sprint 1


3. No problem here - I had passed the bag the previous day on the Blue course.
4. This one, too.
9. +00:35Misreading vegetation, followed a fast runner (Greg B?) too high into the green. Should have read contours instead. He 180'd after a while and I had to quickly check the map to see whether he might have punched and was on his way. Nope. I guessed to drop straight down. Correctly as it turns out.
10. +00:25Plan was to postpone climbing until later. Saw a runner run right in front of me and punch 13. Don't know why I doubted myself all of a sudden and needed to check the control.
12. I had also seen this bag the previous day.
14. I thought the control was just beyond a stone wall and a cairn instead of a trail and a tree. But no matter -- the bag was clearly visible once I left the green.
F. Nice fast course. Thanks, Sandy.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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